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    The Grand Budapest Hotel - Motion Poster (x

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aphex twin
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  5. Not all of the CD’s will look like this because each is individually tailored to the people I’m handing this out to. I’m really excited to give this out tomorrow.

    The note in the side reads:

    The music on this album was written and recorded in 2013-2014 and is dedicated to my friends, my piano teacher, and my English teacher because they all inspired me to be creative in very profound ways. This music is a free and honest outlet for me as aside from a basic outline/structure I improvise a lot of what is on it. the 3rd and 15th tracks are entirely improvised. As a result, while I feel this is honest music, it is not of the highest quality and I hope it feels like a friend revealing something to you rather than 15 compositions.

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    I suppose I should make it available to people who follow me on tumblr also

    finished my fourth full album last saturday. Just need to title it and make artwork, but in any case, I’m not releasing it online because I don’t think it’s very high quality music, but I’m handing it out to my close friends and decided I’ll send private download links if anybody in cyber space is actually interested. Just PM me or whatevr.

    Also I suppose I should mention: While I do think it’s not very high quality music, it’s definitely honest music and I loved making it while I was making it and thought it was great. I just feel very dead towards the whole feeling that all the songs share right now.

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  9. third movement is my favorite